5 Point Promise

There are now hundreds of finance options to choose from, all featuring different benefits, interest rates, fees and charges. Loans Australia has developed a system to determine how much you can borrow and which type of loan will suit your needs, over the short and long term. We call this our Client Needs Analysis.

We promise to understand you.

When it comes to finance, inaccurate information can cost time, money and stress. At Loans Australia your specific financial situation is analysed and researched and the top 5 lenders that meet your requirements are presented in writing, along with a comparison of interest rates, fees and charges.* We promise no generic recommendations and that you are fully informed before making any decision. We call this our Client Lender Analysis.

*Please note, some clients specific finance situations will not meet the criteria of 5 lenders, in those instances all lenders will be presented.

We promise to give you options and explain why they are suitable for you.

Dealing with an inexperienced finance advisor at worst could lead to a declined application or obtaining inadequate funds. However, dealing with experienced and client driven advisors results in a successful, professional and informed lending experience. At Loans Australia we exceed the industries education requirements and ensure participation in ongoing education and training. Your Advisor will provide you with an overview of their background so you can have confidence in whom you are dealing with; we call this our Advisor Profile.

We promise to be knowledgeable.

We know that clients require constant communication throughout the entire mortgage process as they often have finance clauses and deadlines to meet. At Loans Australia you will receive a written overview outlining the steps from application to settlement. As the loan moves past each stage you will be notified. We call this our Loan Transition system.

We promise to communicate with you.

Unreliable service can be frustrating in so many ways. At Loans Australia we follow a customer service strategy that highlights complaints handling procedures, privacy policy, service, responsibilities and how Loans Australia is paid. We call this our Customer Charter.

We promise to abide by our Customer Charter.