Financial Calculators

Below you will find a number of handy home loan and financial calculators which we invite you to use. All our Home Loan financial calculators provide you with a solution according to the information inputted by you, which may assist with your decision making.

Whether its the purchase of a property for Owner Occupied or Investment purposes, a purchase of a vehicle or simply achieving your savings goals, our calculators can provide you with the appropriate indicative results.

Home Loan Calculators

Home Loan Repayment Calculator

With our Repayment Calculator you will be able to establish what Monthly, Fortnightly and Weekly repayments are required by Financial Institutions according to the Home Loan amount, Interest chosen and the period of the Home Loan. Feel free in using this calculator to determine what your commitment will be to the Financial Institution Chosen.

Maximum Borrowing Capacity Calculator – How much can I borrow?

We have provided you with one of the most accurate Borrowing Capacity Calculator available in the market today. This Calculator has been built in line with Mortgage Insurers. According to the information inputted, the Maximum Borrowing Capacity Calculator will provide you with the appropriate result. It should be noted that Institutions Maximum Borrowing may vary and for a more accurate assessment you can speak directly with one of our Finance Consultants.

Real Estate Cost to Purchase Calculator

The Real Estate Cost to Purchase Calculator is a great tool which combines (an estimate) of what costs are involved when purchasing a Property in Australia. It takes into account some of the following: Stamp Duty payable, Lenders Mortgage Insurance, Mortgage Preparation Documents and your Solicitor Costs.

Extra Home Loan Repayment Calculator

The extra home loan repayment calculator is a great tool that will show you how much interest can be saved by making additional monthly. fortnightly or weekly payments to your Home Loan. You will be amassed what an additional $100.00 per month will make to the total Interest Paid, but also to how quickly you can pay off your Home Loan.

Home Loan Comparison Calculator

The Comparison Calculator compares two different loans taking into account the rate, number of years and any monthly fees associated to the loan. (It should be noted that if comparing a loan with yearly fees, simply divide the fee by 12 and use that amount as the monthly amount)

Stamp Duty Calculator

The Stamp Duty Calculator is a great tool which determines what Government Costs are associated when purchasing an Owner Occupied or Investment Property. You should also note that the scales differ for First Home Owner, and that there are additional concessions available from each State Government.

Car and Equipment Leasing Calculators

Car and Equipment Leasing Calculator

The vehicle lease calculator is a great tool which provides you with a detailed snapshot of the repayment figure of a lease or hire purchase facility. This calculator takes into account many factors such as stamp duty relevant to the state of purchase, residual at the end of the term, GST on the repayment amount.

Financial Planning Calculators

Savings Calculator

With the Savings Calculator you are in the position where you can determine your short, medium and long term goals. As certain factor do not vary, it is only an indication of savings and further assistance should be sought

Real Estate Cost of Sale Calculator

The Real Estate Cost of Sale Calculator provides our clients who are looking at selling their current property with an indication of what costs are involved and what their NET return will be. Simply fill in the Property Information and let the Calculator do all the work for you.

Feel free in Contacting Us and one of our qualified Staff Members will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiries.

Finance Calculators by AFC Online