Investment Loans

Growing your property portfolio may be easier than you think!

Loans Australia is a multiple property specialist and uses investment financing to help clients maximise their borrowing capacity so that their wealth continues to grow. All our Finance Advisors are investors and hence you will be dealing with like minded individuals who believe there is always a way. Our Finance Advisors are always looking for new ideas and solutions.

Loans Australia provides a huge range of investment loan products from over 50 lenders across Australia (we can even lend on property in New Zealand). We can provide small loans from $10,000 up to jumbo size home loans of $3,000,000 plus. We have over 20 different professional packages to choose from offering excellent discounts along with a range of features. We are always looking out for innovative products which can help our clients maximise their borrowing capacity. We have a range of lenders who will lend on the valuation instead of the contract price, for off the plan properties.

We like to think of ourselves as your money partner. We’re here to help you at every stage on your journey towards financial freedom.

That means we keep you 100% informed from start to finish on the ways we can save you time and money while making the most of your investments.
Our qualified professionals will take you through all your options from products to risks and benefits. We’re available at a time that suits you, even if it’s after hours. Ask us for advice you can rely on.