• Why bank loans are so high despite the cash rate being so low

    The RBA cash rate and its effect on bank rates for deposit and loan products is not an arbitrary fixture and almost never joined at the hip to the RBA cash rate. Having said that, the relationship between banks and government is much cosier — so, any complaints made by politicians when banks deviate from its […]

  • The Sandwich Generation

    Aussie pre-retirees are sandwiched between the needs of ageing parents and dependent children, leaving many feeling gloomy about their own retirement, a new report reveals. The Qantas Super CSBA Retirement Confidence Index (RCI) has found Aussie adults are feeling less confident they’ll have enough money to retire comfortable. Between November 2017 and early April, the […]

  • Be IT Aware: Deposit Hacking Scam

    Consumer Affairs Victoria has received reports of a possible hacking scam targeting the email accounts of estate agents. The scam sees home buyers deposit money into wrong bank accounts. We know how hard it is to get deposits saved, so heed the following advice. The new hacking scam targeting Victorian home buyers and real estate […]

  • Commercial Property Investing

    Successful commercial property investment requires an understanding of the complex market factors at work, unique financing requirements, property management options, leasing arrangements and a good grasp of the potential risks. An understanding of these factors will provide a reliable basis for the selection of commercial investment properties that will succeed, being either retail, industrial or […]

  • Australian Economic Outlook – forecasts for 2018

    Forecasts for the Australian economy in 2018 are cautiously optimistic, driven largely by improving global conditions but tempered by uncertainty around household consumption. As reported in JPA Business’ Global Economic Outlook, the international economy appears to be improving and gaining momentum. The ‘Advanced Economies’ group is experiencing cyclical recoveries, while the ‘Emerging Markets and Developing Economies’ group […]